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79289-UPLOAD_FILE_4-TTP-Lauri-w-girls-on-bedPunished for PurposeTHE TEEN PROJECT is the vision of one woman, Lauri Burns, who dedicates her life to helping homeless teens across the country. Many teens aging out of foster care find themselves homeless within weeks of being emancipated from the system. Without a path, money, support of a family, or a place to sleep, unfortunately, many of these teens inevitably end up turning to drugs and prostitution. For these kids the future is bleak. THE TEEN PROJECT provides these at-risk teens the resources and support of a family unit, by providing safe housing, financial support towards a higher education, counseling, and mentoring on how to lead a productive, happy and healthy life.

10550975_881521581911798_1631140755225556522_nThe Teen Project provides services to help get these forgotten kids back on track such as Sober College Housing, Teen Project Shelter Collaboration, The Meeting Places Program, The TEXT Shelter service and the National Mentoring Program. THE TEEN PROJECT protocol seeks to address the issue on all levels. There are 25,000 teens exiting the system each year to homelessness. THE TEEN PROJECT is a parent to the parentless, bringing them home, adding value to their lives and goals to strive for.

At THE TEEN PROJECT we receive no federal or state funding. We have only one full time employee and over 400 volunteers. We believe that donations for our non-profit should go directly to services for our teens by keeping administration costs at a bare minimum. The more money received, the more children we can help… it’s that simple.

For More Information on The Teen Project (click here) or Download Brochure on The Teen Project


FOUNDERS: Jen Blanchfield & Deb Keillor

ADVISORY BOARD: Jennifer Blanchfield・ Deborah Keillor ・ Teri Cullen ・ Maggie Flornes
Annette Juptner- Gonzalez ・ Stacy Peterson ・ Nancy Vaughan

BENEFIT EVENT CHAIRS: Jen Blanchfield & Teri Cullen |


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